Wednesday, July 6, 2011

(cue the british accent) Bloody crafts!

I've been saving soda tabs for the girls to make them cute bracelets.
The craft is super easy and quick ( amen for immediate gratification!)

Soda tabs, sissors ( i can't find mine So i used my rotary cutter, ribbon and a lighter to heat seal the ends. ( I may or may not have just turned on the stove burner for that part)

easy peasy

and you have a cute bracelet.

However, if you are like me. With three monkeys running around (specifically an itty bitty one) I would not recommend crafting on the floor of the living room. I was sitting on the floor, JUST released the safety on my rotary cutter and my itty bitty backed into my lap faster than I could move it and the "bloody" thing cut the crap out of her heel. Thank God for our lovely neighbor who is a nurse. I panicked at first. Held pressure. Thought to the heck am I going to put a bra and pants on to get help. Managed the pants. (not the bra) walked over to her house and she doctored her up. She almost needed stitches and I haven't told the hub yet. I'm sooo going to be grounded. Why is it again that they only get hurt on my watch? (oh yeah cause I'm with them 90% of the time)
So lesson learned...get fully dressed, find your sissors, and,keep your butt off the floor before engaging in any craftastic activites. (unless everyone is snoozing)

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