Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cheapy fruit snacks = baby heimlich

We made a quick trip to Target today to browse the dollar spot. Amaya wasn't as happy to be there as the rest of us so I grabbed a few dollar snacks to hold her over till dinner.
I picked up these:

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I inspected the ingredients (they were not all that great) but, the squishy center made me think they would be soft enough for her. I tore open the bag. Tried a couple to make sure they were toddler friendly and they passed the test. On with our shopping we went. Bored with the dollar spot we headed over to get what we were actually there for and I looked down at her and realized she was struggling to get in a breath.

I frantically yanked her from the cart, turned her over and whacked her back a couple times...still nothing...she's gasping for breath like a fish out of water and I turn her over and whack her again...nothing. So I'm thinking OH CRAP i'm going to have to give her the REAL heimlich! I hold her facing forward while yelling very loudly but, as calm as I could..." Help me! I need help! It's an emergency!" Looked down the long aisle...NO ONE! so I wrapped my arms around her tiny body and thrusted it gently but firmly down one or two times and out popped a yellow whole fruit snack.

Seconds later 3 different women came to my aid. I explained to them what happened...none of them knew the heimlich. They were happy she was ok. I was shaken, but relieved and thankful that I had taken that first aid class last year even if it is very different when it's your own baby turning blue from not breathing. I knew what to do but, as calm as I pretended to be, I was so panicked I wasn't going to be able to get her breathing. Needless to say..she's fine.



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