Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Help! I can't find my cape

I lost my supermom cape... I'm sure it's buried in the 18 loads of laundry that are strewn about my laundry room floor, or possibly hiding underneath the piles of stuff that is tucked in every corner of my suv. *The girls think we live out of our vehicle. It doesn't matter how many times I unload the junk...it's inevitable that the next day there will be the same amount. That has to break some law of physics right?*

Anyway, about that cape.

It's gone.

There has got to be a delicate balance in the wonderful art of motherhood where on the scale sits organization/responsibility and fun/creativity. Unfortunately for me *or fortunately if you are 3,7,9* mine is tipping way too much on the fun/creativity side that I've lost all control of the organization/responsibility side, and it sucks. I hadn't realized just how uneven it was until today when I got some unpleasant mail in the mailbox. For the record anything pink is usually bad, as is anything that is addressed *to the parents of*. I suppose sometimes when you are living it up, checking the mail on a regular basis is not a priority. (or is it?)
 photo 6670d14b-40a3-47b3-8706-8afa9e7e878e.jpg

Sleep reigns high on the list of things that are important in this house, home cooked meals have become a thing of the past when you spend 10 hours a week at the dance studio, if it smells good and it's not stained it's clean, if it's clean it's probably wrinkled, please don't eat off our floor, and holy cow if you want to ride with me give me a 24 hour notice m-kay?

 Am I proud? No not really, and if you glance quickly it looks like i've got it together pretty well, but keeping it real folks....that supermom cape? totally lost.

   photo 7758e861-6701-4df0-b43d-44b7e30e66fd.jpg

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE clean, I thrive on order and organization, and there is one week out of the month that everyone in the house knows the "don't leave your crap on the floor or Mom's head may spin" rule, but the truth of the matter is. I'm human....and tis the season of reconfiguring what you "thought you knew" about motherhood, and reworking the blueprints.

 I unloaded on a friend today...told her how I'm failing as a mother, how sometimes my kids don't take a bath every single day (or every other sometimes, or maybe it was 3 days before I realized we hadn't had a good scrub---don't judge), and how I can't believe how many tardies Alyssa had, and they were all my fault because I'm in love with my snooze button (worst invention EVER!), I told her that I only get one shot at this, and I'm messing it all up, but she assured me (cause that is what best friends do) that I wasn't! That they'll remember the good...that my priorities are not completely screwed up, and to stop beating myself up! I love her!

   photo d6a00bbe-1cd6-4717-920a-a9799558037c.jpg

So this post ladies...(incase you wonder where I've been for the last 5 months) Is to remind you that we are all supermoms, but sometimes we misplace our capes from time to time, and it's okay.

Every once in a while it helps to hear that even that mom that everyone thinks "has it all together" really doesn't ;)

 So here is to keeping it real...