Thursday, August 18, 2011

This and that thursday

The absolute best chocolate chip cookie recipe ever. Teaser...
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Baby sister who is obsessed with the bucket on her head, and learning very quickly that picking on the big sister is fun...hence the standing in front of her when I was trying to take her picture.

Sweet neighbor teaching my big girl how to ride a skateboard.

When it's 108 degrees outside you wait until only a sliver of sunlight is left to take your kids to the park.
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Lots of spray painting...clockwise from left to right: a black frame going in the girls bathroom, white tiered stand going in my craft room, 4 red frames for the craft room, vase was poopy brown, now it's mossy green fabulousness. white frame for my craft room, pink window frame was a mirror, but now it's going to house all the girls jewelery and will see, blue suitcase for the girls room...I'm stacking to make an awesome nightstand.
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Part of my yummy spray paint collection. Hello there Rustoleum Aqua...i do love you.
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Some more big sister teasing.
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I sent her to practice writing her name, and I swear when she came out of her room and held it up for me to inspect, I thought I was having a stroke! I wasn't...thank God. But, we are definitely going to have to work on this. (my little lefty)
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Bucket hat gone terribly wrong...
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Baby sister kisses or mouth to decide.
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