Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How to not waste $50 on eye shadow and blush

Dropping my make up bag =

No bueno

I like to save money on a lot of things, but makeup isn't one of them. Its my guilty pleasure. High pigmented eye shadow that glide on your lids like silk, and shimmery gloss that goes on with a glass bristled wand and smells like vanilla...I love it. I treat myself to something new every few weeks, and when you spend $14 and up on an each piece, you better believe throwing them away is the last thing on my mind.

I remembered seeing a tutorial on how to fix them with a little alcohol, and it worked! So... i figured I'd share in case you ever find yourself in my same predicament.

Here are the super simple steps:

Survey the damage


meet the magician


and a few drops at a time until the makeup is damp (not wet)


use your fingers to carefully shape it back into a solid piece in its container, and admire your lovely color choice


thank google for saving you new make up money


Now if only I could find a tutorial on how to fix a lipstick half eaten by a one year old...


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