Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back to school eve and back to school

I believe that childhoods should be rich in traditions. You never really know if all your doing is making a difference until you make the comment that the reason you are doing something is to make them feel special and your 7 year old replies..."it's ok mom, I already do feel special". Talk about melt your heart.
Motherhood is what I was meant to do. I'm good at it because I love it. I love being cheesy and over the top. I love being a kid, and flying by the seat of my pants, throwing caution to the wind, and wrecking a perfectly good routine to make a memory. They are priceless! I may not have what society would call a "successful career"...i'm ok with that. Cause in my eyes...I'm wealthy beyond measure! Because you know what...I'm molding fabulous people here!

With that said, we pulled out all the stops the last couple of days. I squeezed in as much fun as I possibly could on our last summer free day. We did 2 sprinkler parks, a sand pit, Gattiland, shoe shopping, rainbow mani's and a back to school feast all in one day!


I packed yummy lunches with turkey shish kabobs and present wrapped goldfish labeled "you are o-fish-ally a kindergartner/second grader", drew silly pictures on napkins, and made them apple jack necklaces. All in the name of "make you feel special my dear, cause I love you!"

A second grader and a kindergartner! I wish they'd stop growing already. I told Dave the other day... "someday all this won't be "cool" to them anymore" that will be a sad day for me.


For now it's still fun for them, so we adopt new traditions like this one.
The Back To School Fairy and apple cupcakes for a 1st day of school snack.



A happy back to school to you!

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