Saturday, June 2, 2012

Photographer wannabe

So, there is this wonderful think called "social networking". I think it's amazing that now-a-days when you want to keep in touch with someone it isn't impossible. 10 years ago, when you graduated high school...that was it. You hardly ever saw those people again. Accept for those few freak run-in's at the grocery store, but lets face it, it's usually not the people we "want" to run in to. I love how now when I do run in to people that are my friends on facebook I know who they are, I remember their names, and I recognize their kids. (i suppose that could be creepy)

 So this girl, we go way back...
Like in 8th grade we liked the same boy, and hated each other way back. Once we got into high school and got involved in extra curriculars her a head cheerleader, and me the colonel of the dance team...we found ourselves sharing locker rooms in the dancer/cheerleader gym, and well, before you knew it we were pretending to be cousins.

So when I excitedly found out she was expecting through Facebook, I begged her to let me practice my photography on her. Can we say gorgeous? This was my first time doing an actual "session". I've taken pictures of my own kids, and neighbors, but had yet to venture out into the great unknown world of in home photography. It was a wonderful experience. It was light, funny, we chatted, caught up, and I got to marvel and document the blessed miracle of one growing a human being inside them. By the middle of the shoot I had her cracking up calling the golden buttery light streaming from her window "sunlight porn." It truly was. Her beautiful, perfectly round middle exuded the very essence of motherhood. I will say, this shoot has made me want to study more. I have a love for capturing beauty.

The shutter is a magical thing, and I feel so blessed to be able to see the unexpected wonder through it. When people put their camera's down...I pick mine up. My favorite shots of her are just that...her throwing her head back in laughter holding her sweet belly as I crack a joke about light porn, or catching her sweeping her hair to the side, and in that second pressing my shutter to capture a gorgeous natural shot that was neither posed or coerced. IMG_2292
IMG_2537blog copy

Photography is a beautiful thing!

  IMG_2403blog copy Photobucket *insert lazy excuse here* I have had this blog post waiting to be published for weeks, and in those few weeks my sweet friend just went and had a baby (techincally within days of this shoot) so, yay! a two for one. Here are some of her sweet girl too. IMG_3211 IMG_3218 IMG_3414 IMG_3471 IMG_3625 Congratulations Angel and Jason on your new bundle. Welcome to the wonderful world of parenthood, and pink!

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